Our Services

Inpassion MusicForKids

The MusicForKids programme facilitates early child development through music as a tool. Introduces your child into a playful and nurturing environment where singing, movement, playing of instruments, storytelling, and learning is practiced to develop problem-solving skills, listening skills, social skills, movement skills, self-confident, music appreciation and preparation for reading.

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Awareness Consulting

We implement strategies that ensure the targeted audience is aware of the client's products/services/messages etc.

We specialize in the following awareness campaigns:
• Information Security-Awareness,
• Product/Service-Awareness,
• Self-Awareness,
• Brand-Awareness and
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Cleaning Services (CarWash&Valet)

We specialized in supervised, detailed car cleaning services and that is:
• Body wash and body polish,
• Car seat wash,
• Roof wash,
• Carpet wash,
• Headlights cleaning,
• Door panels wash,
• Vacuuming,
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Publishing Services

We are of the view that there is no story too small or inadequate to be shared, that is the reason we have professional and talented resources to transform your raw manuscript into the international standard.
We have published a good number of books in English and in African languages.

We do not only publish but we also:
• Advise on how to create content;
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Mobile Shisanyama

This is a highly innovative and fast-growing service that provides the best in grilled meat at your own convenient place. Our secret sauce doubles the taste of our freshly grilled meat. A starch of choice (pap or chips) together with our traditionally prepared Chakalaka is available to complement your meal.

This service is available and suitable for:
• Private function (e.g. birthday party)
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Manqoba Mngomezulu

Manqoba Mngomezulu aka Q, is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and MC.

He is passionate about human development; his approach to high-speed implementation has given birth to many great companies including Inpassion Group of companies. His energy is visible and yields great results in every platform.

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