Inpassion MusicForKids

The MusicForKids programme facilitates early child development through music as a tool. Introduces your child into a playful and nurturing environment where singing, movement, playing of instruments, storytelling, and learning is practiced to develop problem-solving skills, listening skills, social skills, movement skills, self-confident, music appreciation and preparation for reading.

Our research-based curriculum is aligned with the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

Our program comes with:
• Musical Instrument Book in (English to isiZulu, English to seSotho and English to Afrikaans);
• Musical Story telling book;
• Physical musical instruments for kids and;
• CD: Sing Along Songs in (English and isiZulu, English and Afrikaans and English and SeSotho) together with a Sing Along Songs book.

There are more African languages to be added.
Poster: Benefits of Inpassion MusicForKids
This program is user-friendly and implementable at preschools and at homes.

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